Thursday, 24 June 2010

Flash Gordon II

Guido has the lowdown on the latest sighting of the Brown Pimpernel. Apparently, like Flash Harry from the St Trinians films, he's taken to wearing a trilby hat low over his eyes and a long coat that makes him look like he's gliding along without any sign of leg movement, slithering from Important Rich Luminary to Important Rich Luminary, touting for a bit of trade. "Inconspicuous" is the watchword.
After some excitement this morning that Gordon Brown might actually be in town to represent his constituents the truth unravels. While he may have put a fleeting five minutes in the chamber, (making the number of days he as been in two out of a possible forty-nine,) King of the Lobby Gary Gibbon has; what he was really down here for. A meeting with a Kennedy, a chat with Sir Tim Berners-Lee about his future employability and a natter with his old cabinet allies.
So it seems the great Brownian contempt for his own constituents, the public purse that provides his unearned salary and his abject lack of contrition for - or even interest in - his role in the debt disaster now confronting Britain thanks to him will just go on and on and on. Until someone in government has the guts to put a stop to it, preferably with legislation on the conduct of sitting MPs.

People should be a lot more angry about this than the painful budget Brown has brought down on our heads thanks to that sponging loser's economic incompetence and political desperation.

As much as it was a Coalition budget, this was Brown's budget. The Tories were right: let no one forget that. Oh, and if we are expected to make sacrifices for the sake of the future security of the nation's finances, then might I suggest that everyone should be forced to pull his or her weight. We're all in this together, after all.

Flash Gordon, that ex-wrecker and now dodgy shirker, would be a top target for me for the chop. Why should I be paying for him not to do his job? Cameron can lead by example, but he can also make them - preferably of the predecessor who is so frightened of facing the music to the extent that he is effectively now on the run.

It's time Brown's past caught up with him.


  1. Because he can't face going back to Westminster and only being an ordinary overpaid, over respected, up his own arse MP instead of a supercharged version of all the above, we have to pay the lazy tosser's salary for opening schools and visiting surgeries.

    A trained monkey could do that. We don't need a £65,000 a year monkey to do it.

    Dennis Skinner never misses parliament. He reckons that when he was a miner, if he missed his shift he would have his pay docked or be sacked, so why not in parliament.

    Is there anyone else anywhere who could just not bother to turn up for 6 weeks and still get paid.

    We're all equal though...all in this together.

    AND because he's an ex prime minister and one of the most roundly hated men in the world, we have to provide him and his Mrs with 24 hour protection from people who would kill them.

  2. Too true tris. Too true.

    I'm also glad you brought up Skinner. Relentless red loon though he is, he's a man you can respect regardless. The steady work ethic says it all. Speaks to character, that. And commitment.

    I couldn't care less what happens to Brown when he gets over his self-inflicted, depressive solitary confinement and shows himself properly and I'm damned if I'm gonna pay his salary for work not done any more. Him and any others who don't do an adequate job of representing the constituency that elected them.

    Legislation is required!


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