Thursday, 26 March 2009

A New Hope

Slightly encouraging, really. When times get tough and the liars are in charge, someone with some bottle and some brains emerges. Dan Hannan is that man!

The coverage this superbly crafted and expertly delivered piece of timely rhetoric has received stateside is going to break through the leftwing editorial barriers over here tomorrow - and how!

The vox polpuli seems to me to be like a river: it inexorably finds the path of least resistance to be heard.

These days, when the UK's mainstream TV press experiences ideological, but more importantly editorial, capture, that path is now demonstrably the still-free internet.

But it's taken Americans online, frankly, to illustrate that reality conclusively with their overwhelmingly positive response to one great speech - and from a Brit, no less. Of that I am sure. The comments beneath the Youtube upload also demonstrate that American and British people alike are crying out for decent leadership. That's a bit more worrying.

Anyway, well done indeed Mr Hannan for setting the debate alight. Worldwide.

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