Sunday, 29 March 2009

Response to Hutton's Latest Lunacy the Grauniad

I've left it here so I've got a copy - before it's deleted, lol:

None of the things you have kindly transcribed here from a Downing Street email can possibly be achieved at this oversized junket, Mr Hutton - even if they were desirable. But it'll make a difference all right. It'll increase the national debt by another £300+million quid. All in the name of Brown's vanity. That's a high price to pay just to beef-up yuor mate's image (his reputation and credibility being beyond repair, naturally). But I guess that's chump change in Brown's weird world of endless zeros.

Yet anybody who suggested a year ago that so much could have been achieved would have been asked what they were smoking.

What are you smoking! Nothing has been 'achieved'. Banks have been nationalised and the taxpayer has been screwed for generations with the tab. We now borrow our own money at interest. Some achievement.

this is the first international summit to make substantive progress regulating global finance since 1944.

How on earth does this absolutely ridiculous assertion (the party hasn't even started yet and the signs - at least in the real world - have not exactly been promising so far) follow-on from this:

and few reporters or commentators will want to risk the accusation of being the patsy who declared the summit an unexpected success.

You'd better take a look at this, Mr Hutton.

It really does tend to suggest the total opposite to this wild assertion of yours:

In 2010 the rise in the stimulus put forward by Germany will be among the largest of all.

Whatever your motives, and there is still much doubt in my mind as to what they actually are, to pretend that there is some sort of international consensus about saddling the entire developed world with an even more titanic mountain of debt, (provided by whom, exactly?) on the off chance it might stimulate short-term growth is total insanity.

As for the other stuff: the only way to get some sort of "regulatory architecture for global finance" (whatever that actually means) is through some form of international government. Even if the former were desirable - not to mention possible - (and there's been no clear argument for it so far), the latter is just utopian claptrap.

And we've been hearing a lot of that utopian claptrap from old Brown n' Bust lately. The whole damn world has on his ridiculous tour, during which he preached a lot and listened not one bit.

So I'm pretty sure what we'll see next week, really, is that the whole damn world, which apparently he's bringing back with him, is absolutely fed-up to the back teeth with him and his banal platitudes and blame-ducking. Obama seems to be....he's already planning a 'Summit Mk 3' in Washington or some other city, in anticipation of the likelihood that Brown's will be a total shambles.

And us poor saps - the UK voter - will just be left behind to clear-up the broken glass. Oh, and the little matter of voting-out this total catastrophe of a government led by the worst Prime Minister ever inflicted upon us.

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