Thursday, 1 July 2010

Standing On Your Own Two Pegs

I do like the idea (it smells like a free ride), of joining the vast ranks of the British incapable, but, sadly and unfortunately, at least to me, I know that standing on your own two feet is far, far better than getting by with a little help from your Labour-loving friends, be those friends genuinely childhood acquaintances or not.

More likely, in those circumstances, your only mate is the State. In which case you've allowed yourself to become almost literally nothing but a slave (the State really does not care about you where genuine friends might). Never mind.

Relying on the "little help" smacks of taking things for granted and an absence of some awareness of Duty. And that, according to my pretty ordinary, educated lower middle class upbringing, would never do.

Never mind, here's the tuneless Ringo classic in question:

Make your own bloody mind up. I'm honestly past caring.

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