Friday, 16 July 2010

Hunt Declares War On The BBC

Not a moment too soon it actually looks like the BBC's cosy world of unaccountability, an appallingly cavalier attitude to income it does not earn but extorts from the general public for whom it has constantly shown nothing but contempt in recent years, and a severe political bias that has penetrated every level of the organisation over several decades, is about to come to an abrupt end. It certainly looks like Jeremy Hunt, the Conservative culture secretary, has actually been listening to people like me (and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people like me) and has bravely, recognising the urgent necessity, decided to be the one to stand up to and take on the monolithic social, economic and cultural parasite that our national broadcaster, in its current form, has become.

If we are to believe what Hunt has told the Daily Telegraph, then the skids really are finally under the BBC closed shop. Furthermore, if its managers refuse to budge on certain issues, including Hunt's very reasonable proposal that there be a significant reduction in the ridiculous licence tax given the Labour-generated current economic climate, then it could, finally, finally, herald the moment when long-overdue and massive reform comes to the creaking, unfit-for-purpose, throwback-Soviet organisation.

The Telegraph reports Hunt as saying, among other things:
There are huge numbers of things that need to be changed at the BBC. They need to demonstrate the very constrained financial situation we are now in
All the concerns I had in opposition about executive salaries and use of licence fee funds for things many people thought were extraordinary or outrageous - that (next year) will be moment when I express them
Now, I know this won't lead to the kind of breaking-up of the corporation I want to see, with the selling off of all but the core radio and TV channels (R4, R2, Five Live, BBC1 and 2), the abolition of the jurassic licence fee (to be replaced by a central grant, charitable status and fundraising powers), but I certainly recognise that this is far more than mere gesture politics at a ripe moment. Hunt means to force the BBC into putting its house in real order, or else.

Never thought I'd see the day. Well done Jeremy Hunt. Let battle commence!


  1. Hooray! At last moving in the right direction. The Hunt is on (so to speak)!

  2. I'm hugely impressed by this sudden Hunt initiative, Mr W, and quietly optimistic that it will, in some way or other, succeed.

    As you say, we're moving in the right direction (finally!).

  3. Excellent news, D, I'll look forward to the day when the BBC is forced to make impartial news programmes and documentaries.

  4. Had a row about this with a BBC Wales-luvvie mate and his friends over about a hundred bottles of wine last night, Spidey. Got quite heated the more pissed we got. They don't seem to like my plans for the beloved corporation - especially the women, oddly.



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