Sunday, 25 July 2010

RIP The Hurricane

I suppose as one gets older (mind you, I'm only 38 - for another month or so) you have to get used to burying your dead or, if it's not a close relative you're putting in the ground, mourning the passing of a true hero.

Alex Higgins was never one of my personal heroes, but he was certainly one of the true sporting greats that defined my childhood. Snooker, in the early 80s, was strangely massive to all of us. Higgins, largely because of his unthinkable '82 win in the age of the Steve Davis machine, was one of the reasons why.

RIP Alex Higgins.


  1. RIP

    Sad to sse someone go at only 61.

    I grew up watching snooker in the 80's, was always a Davis fan though, used to love the way he'd psychologically crush his opponents. Higgins was an entertainer though.

  2. Yes, he was that. But he was excruciating to watch as well sometimes. Moody as hell.

    But, you know, at his best he was extraordinary.

    (It was Steve Davis for me too back then, by the way. I still miss that relentless demolition mode he went into, especially at the Crucible in the late 80s.)


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