Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Amusing Truth About Education

It's probably worth enjoying this again today because the loonies are no longer in charge of the asylum, apparently - since the election.

If the Goves of this world really can't create a way of honestly educating this nation's young then we really are finished.

As this bit of classic comedy demonstrates, all Gove needs to do is, to put it simply, do it! What "it" is is entirely up to him.

But whether the prime minister, or anyone else for that matter, likes it or not, education is the real future of this country - and decontaminating it from years of disastrous socialist dogma must be the first port of call.

If you disagree, then you are [probably] a socialist and you either are just being typically typecast: dull, hysterical and/or dishonest. Or you're just trying to mix things up abit. Pray for you that it's not the latter, because I can get very cranky (!)


  1. " is the real future of this country - and decontaminating it from years of disastrous socialist dogma must be the first port of call."

    Surely the idea of the state providing education is, itself, "socialist"..? Rather than worrying about the finer points, shouldn't true non-socialists be thinking about whether the state should provide education at all?

    I wonder what the country would look like if education was provided entirely by the free market, and was optional? *If* Adam Smith's invisible hand is the One True Way it should presumably result in a more prosperous society. But the 'invisible hand' is all about simple, unsentimental financial self-interest motivating people's actions, and there is no financial self-interest in educating your own children unless you are hoping to sponge off them in old age. (But even then it would be a gamble, and you might be safer just sending them up chimneys and forgetting all that fancy edukashun.)

    Also, a relatively modern development is the ability for people to choose whether or not to have children. How would this affect a society without state provision of education? Would people simply avoid having them altogether?

    My instinct is that the grammar school system was good (having been to one myself), and it certainly did result in social mobility, but I do feel guilty about the people who were 'condemned' to go to a secondary modern; I personally know of cases where the decisions made at 11 were clearly wrong. I therefore find myself not entirely against the socialist vision of state comprehensive schools. It can be argued that the grammar schools were the only way of lifting talented poor children out of the mire, but the socialists' vision was that there would be no poor children, eventually. Post-New Labour we know they were very, very wrong on that score!

  2. Socialism thrives on the basis of "levelling out" society.

    Now that may not be such a bad theory, as no one really wants disadvantage to be part of our Society, however, this "levelling out" always results in a levelling DOWN, with everything brought to the lowest common denominator in this search for equality.

    Interestingly this levelling down, and equality does not apply to the Socialist leaders and cheerleaders themselves.

    For example, Milliband senior, a Marxist and a very vindictive person against those who disagreed, sent HIS children to priviate schools. Dianne Abbot, who was the first to criticise Conservative MPs for doing this, had no compunction to quietly sending her child to a fee paying school whilst publicly deriding and criticising anyone who did not use the State system. When Mr Cameron sent his kids to Eton he was buying privilege, when Abbott did it, she was doing the best for her kids.

    Polly Toynebee that bearer of the Socialist torch was another who roundly criticised and excortiated the use of fee paying schools....whilst sending HER children to them.

    The stench of hypocricy from the Socialist and their fellow travellers is stomach churning.

    Funny how the socialists who vote Labour see no contradiction in being told to use the State education sector by a party whose main characters are all educated at fee paying schools and likewise continue to send their children there whilkst denouncing the private education sector.

    Still when was hypocricy a stranger to Labour ? It would appear that years of State schooling have now produced a generation unable to logically reason, let alone read and write.

  3. Hilarious!

    Ecce stercus pro cerebro habes!

  4. @tris
    Lol. Easy tiger.

    I suggest it's a case of in vino veritas.

    Besides, I've never been very good at weekends ;)

  5. LOL...

    I swear better in Latin than in English....

    I trust you are feeling ...erm... better :)

  6. I certainly feel more - ehem - myself during the working week. Not sure I should be allowed near a PC on a Saturday night, though. Never again!

    Thought the clip was funny, though.

  7. Yep... it was.... like most of that stuff.

    I got them all out of the library and watched them when I was sick. Brilliant (but it hurt when i laughed).

  8. Glad you're feeling better and sorry to hear you were crocked.

    But it's Saturday night and I'm pissed again. Though, and I am proud to say this, on some very (VERY) expensive French wine. Sadly, though, the bottles are empty and it's time for bed.



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