Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Final Delusion

My utter and entirely justified contempt for Gordon Brown is well-documented on this blog. But even he's managed to surpass himself in terms of delusion and sanctimonious bullshit flammery in his post-prime ministerial speech to a bunch of corrupt socialist African 'leaders' (dictators) in Kampala yesterday. 
But hey, that's just my view of the utter Brown catastrophe. Here's a bit of what he said. I think the entire speech, taken as watertight evidence of a diseased mind, conclusively demonsrates that he is, at heart, a quasi-totalitarian egoist with messianic tendencies. But, naturally, you must make-up your own mind:
All of our lives are connected: we can all impact for good or ill on the lives of people we have never met. And yet we don’t currently share a common society or effective global institutions that allow us to treat strangers as neighbours or give life to our feelings of fellowship, solidarity, compassion and care.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that it is possible for people, acting together, to build a global society, and design the institutions that would best serve its values
OK, Gord, you get on with 'building a global society'. But while you're busy designing the brave new world, the rest of us normal people will be searching for ways to harness individual compassion as a social force, lowering taxes to reward hard work and freeing the education system so that our brightest no longer have to feel disadvantageded because they aren't part of the anti-excellence Labour average.
I digress. The simple point is that Brown is a well-known, now-talkative lunatic, and Balls should just resign,


  1. Sounds to me like a man who wants to be remembered for something and, having ballsed-up his shot at national influence, is now maintaining his dream through a fantasy of changing the world.

  2. Well-said. It does look like a bit of a (further) retreat from reality for him, doesn't it?

  3. But how did it happen? Even now, there are thousands if not millions of people in this country who still think of him as a "towering intellect" or a "clunking fist", or "Britain's greatest ever chancellor" (Polly Toynbee said that once!)

    Surely it was a classic case of Emperor's new clothes. That, and his willingness to carry on driving the country towards the cliff when others would have realised that benign economic indicators were not telling the whole story. For that he got a few more years of apparent growth (60 quarters of continuous growth, the longest expansion ever!) but a much bigger crash - which we haven't even begun to feel yet.

  4. It's a tough one to be sure.

    But be aware (I'm sure you are anyway) those 60 quarters of growth was, in reality, ten years plus of fake growth. It's all been corrected by the recession. All of it. It's all gone.

    The only correction we need worry about now is whether the coalition is up to the massive task of genuine correction of Brown's cataclysmic economic mismanagement.

    If it's not then there could be a problem (if you'll forgive the understatement).


Any thoughts?