Sunday, 23 August 2009

Swimming In Smears

Uncle Bob has already blogged brilliantly about this latest piece of Labour filth, so I'll keep my scornful rant brief: New Labour are the most corrupt, twisted and morally empty group of incompetent wasters this country has ever had inflicted upon it. You still have doubts, after everything that's been written, blogged, proved and resigned over? Well, here's a bit more for you, this time from the ST. Read on...

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted to the Ministry of Defence, and uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph, asks for publication of any correspondence between Gen Dannatt and Hadyn Parry, the chairman of the Help for Heroes charity.

It comes after Labour MPs and ministers were accused of using FOI laws to make trouble for Sir Richard by unearthing his expenses claims, after he publicly criticised the lack of resources given by the Government to the troops in Afghanistan.

Whilst the MoD would not disclose who was behind the Help for Heroes FOI request, which was submitted in June, Conservative MPs claimed it looked like fresh evidence of a smear campaign.

Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said: "There is no target that Brown's bullyboys will not pick upon to protect themselves or divert attention from their catastrophic management of the military. New Labour is now the most corrosive and corrupting influence in British politics."

Whoever submitted the FOI request could have been seeking to find out whether Gen Dannatt had claimed expenses from Help the Heroes following his unpaid work on the charity's behalf.

Mr Parry described Gen Dannatt's work for the charity as "exemplary". He said: "Sir Richard has done a tremendous job for the charity. His work has been exemplary – beyond reproach.

"He has never submitted any expenses claims, nor have any of the other charity trustees, because we want as much money to be spent on charitable work as possible."

Last week it was revealed that, on a tip-off from inside government, several FOI requests were submitted to expose the 58-year-old general's expenses. Kevan Jones, the Veterans Minister, was named on political website Guido Fawkes as the figure behind it. But he dismissed the accusation as summer tittle-tattle and heaped praise on Gen Dannatt.

Mr Jones last night denied again that there was a smear campaign, saying: "I do not know anything about this Freedom of Information request, nor do I know anything about Freedom of Information requests that were put in as part of a campaign against Sir Richard."

When allegations of a smear campaign first emerged a month ago, Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, sent a note to all his ministers – Mr Jones; Quentin Davies, Defence Equipment and Support; Bill Rammell, Armed Forces; Lord Drayson, Strategic Defence Acquisition; and Baroness Taylor, International Defence and Security – warning them not to brief against General Dannatt and demanding "complete support" for military commanders.

But last week it emerged that a minister had discussed "chasing" Gen Dannatt over his expenses in an attempt to smear him. Requests were allegedly made under the FOI Act, with the backing of the unnamed minister, to find out the extent of entertaining by the general, who retires as Chief of the General Staff next week.

It was also alleged that a minister had called Gen Dannatt a "complete bastard" for making so many public statements critical of the resources given to the troops in Afghanistan.

Wow! That list of "ministers" reads like a who's who of utter Labourist mediocrity.

Not content with their usual, now-predictable, contemptible attempt at rubbishing anyone who dares to speak the truth, a method perfected by Alistair Campbell and Mandelson (the truth in this case, as Dannatt has bravely implied on many occasions, is that total Labourist incompetence and, one is forced to suspect, their underlying hatred of the armed forces, has cost the lives of many British soldiers in Labour's foreign adventures), now they are willing to drag into their appalling smear campaign a charity set up to help the ones who make it back from the front merely wounded, but who are then abandoned by their own country (another Labour triumph).

Who needs the Taliban when you have an MoD occupied by these uberhoons? Just when you thought they couldn't get any worse...


  1. Good post Mr D, always some sad, new low with Labour. On reflection, has it ever been otherwise?

    All governments seem to fall into decline, to a greater or lesser degree, but Labour started from such a pitifully low ebb that the do now appear to be sailing in genuinely uncharted territory. Considering the relatively benign global and domestic conditions they have ruled under and over, respectively, who could fail to conclude that they are indeed the worst government in even vaguely comparable history.

    Knowing the mortal danger that soldiers expose themselves to on out behalf (the rights and wrong of the current conflicts notwithstanding), there is something expecially shocking and outrageous about Labour's barefaced deceit and incompetence in the matter but is their treatment of military affairs any more disastrous, or life-threatening, than their treatment of health, education or the financial wellbeing of the nation?

    More have died, and will continue to die, well away from the dusty battlefields of the Blairite/Corporatist axis, than on them, as a result of Labour's cretinous, ideologically soiled hubris. Their incompetence and failure in all areas is complete and total.

    A vile pox on every last one of them, frankly.

  2. I could not agree more, BHS. I'm fairly certain that once these twin travesties - the Libyan affair and the defence scandal - are investigated further, this really will be the end for New Labour. The wish might be father of that thought, somewhat, but it doesn't mean it isn't an accurate prediction.

    Whatever happens, what's certain is that this wicked Labour government has reduced Britain to the status of, at the very least, an untrustworthy ally and an international laughing stock.

    The price of 12 long years of Labour misrule? It will take generations to rebuild our society, our economy and our reputation abroad (if any of that is actually achievable).

    If they didn't cause these universal calamities deliberately, then they are the most incompetent government of all time. If they did consciously set out at least partially to cause some sort of 'revolutionary', socialist mayhem, motivated by some kind of perverse ideological reasoning - and it's not beyond socialists to destroy things they hate (like liberty) - then they deserve never to be in power again.

    Either way, for myself, the only thing that matters is that the Labour party is kicked out of power permanently. The main centre left party should be the Liberals from now on.

    Britain can't afford another Labour catastrophe in the future. Ever. I therefore don't just want a Tory victory at the next election - although that's hardly something that fills me with optimism - I want Labour, with its fascistic tendencies, it's endless dishonesty and lies and its terminal, smug stupidity - wiped of the face of the British political landscape. It's the best thing we could bequeath to future generations.

    That's how bad Labour have become in my view, in case there was any doubt ;)

  3. What I don't get is the liberals' political positioning of late. This is their perfect opportunity to leapfrog Labour and become the left's party of choice but they keep buggering it up. They can't play for the centre ground, it was in Blair's control from the mid 90's and Cameron has had it for the last few years. They'd better make their move soon, they will never have a better chance.

  4. Exactly, UB. I'm a little bemused by their failure to act decisively, too. I fear the liberals - the middle of the middle - are actually split down the middle, amazingly. They've become a sort of political fractal. Pity.

  5. Political fractal - very nice Mr D!

    Interestering points about the Libs.


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