Monday, 3 May 2010

Guilty As Charged!

It says something that this could have been a hell of a lot tougher on Brown. What the Tories have listed here is, quite simply, the tip of the iceberg so far as Brown's crimes against Britain go.

Very effective nonetheless.

Hat tip: Ollie Cromwell


  1. I posted this video, myself, a little while ago - far more effective than any of the PEB's to date! I do wish they had gone a lot further with it - it's not like they don't have the ammunition.

  2. Lovely. All true too, except that last bit. The Tories will begin to sort out the mess, but will leave, in their wake, another kind of mess.


  3. Lol. Why do we bother with governments at all? It's a bit like that town in Holland and the road markings and signposts: they were taken away but everybody simply got on with their lives and drove sensibly. They said there would be carnage; in fact, accidents went down!

    Without governments, they say there would be chaos....hmmm.


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