Monday, 3 May 2010

Standing Ovation For Cameron

First, I hope everyone who visits this blog has had a restful bank holiday weekend. I certainly have - and it was much-needed too. You only really realise how fatigued you are when you stop to get your breath back, it seems.

Second, I've just caught David Cameron's speech at a multi-faith convention for Citizen UK. He was probed pretty closely and he took the opportunity to flesh out further his Big Society idea. I thought he was excellent - there was certainly no 'breathtaking arrogance' in evidence. The audience, who responded with a standing ovation, thought he was pretty good too.

Clegg now. He is just so vague, so full of himself (and little else), dealing in mood music with very little or no substance and constantly playing to the audience (bank bashing, expenses hypocrisy, sub-texts about destroying the House of Lords and, possibly, the Monarchy. What a piece of work.) The depth of the contradictions in his worldview are there for all to see. Hijack Cameron's brave, small state, social responsibility ambitions, and then say only a big state can deliver it. Bizarre.

Now he's on to 'evil criminals', meaning illegal immigrant gangs, presumably. It's just so utterly flaky. And now he's talking about not locking up children - ever! Well, Nick, tell that to Mrs Bulger.

Anyone thinking of lending a vote to this lightweight charlatan needs to have an urgent rethink. He's little more than a self-styled fake David Cameron but without the policies and without the team.

Why settle for that when you could have the real thing?

He's not doing so well with the grilling, however, which is no surprise. Once you scrutinise him, and dig beneath the verbiage and claptrap, you soon find nothing but sand. Yellow sand.

And now'll be just more of the same pathetic, self-justifying, hate-filled negativity from him. Not worth listening to - he is far, far beneath contempt.

It's a pretty factional audience this, so the applause may be misleading (although Cameron's standing ovation seemed spontaneous and widespread nonetheless). But the question sessions so far have been pretty searching. I wonder how Brown will stand up to his. [Update: not a searching session for him, but an easy ride. What a surprise.]

+Update 2+
He's finally flipped. As far as I can tell, he's associating himself with every liberty movement from Wilberforce to Luther King, via Abe Lincoln. Off his head.

And now the son of a churchman nonsense again - playing to the crowd, obviously, but in the most debased linguistic currency possible. Unbearable stuff, full of the same old lies and the same old smears.

Oo, hang on, another nutter's just jumped onto the podium to interrupt the first one. Most entertaining.


  1. You don't have to scratch too hard at the surface to get the measure of opportunistic Clegg, D, and it seems the twat who jumped onto the stage was some Lefty liberal ban-the-bomb/unilateral disarmament moron - they're coming out of the woodwork in these last few days. ;-)

  2. Excellent post.

    I have linked to it at That's News.

  3. Too true, Spidey!

    Newsy, most kind :)


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