Monday, 30 March 2009

Boot Filling

It seems there is nothing much to learn directly from the MPs allowances document released today, apart from the fact that MPs all seem to take full advantage of the so-called second home allowance - even the multi millionaires, of whom there are many. Fair play to them I suppose. Just obeying the rules (they make-up).

There was one little tidbit in the rightly underused Column 7, "Staff Cover and Other Costs", which deals with absence and illness.

The highest figure in this column (by miles) ? The entry for one Blair, Rt Hon Tony.

Click on the the naff snapshot to see for yourself:

Very odd, seeing as he'd long left his office and the country by then. Yes, yes - he was still an (awol) MP. But he was also PM - according to the previous General Election.

My theory: since the absent member of staff was Blair himself, he claimed the allowance and gave it to Brown for being his "cover". (A sort of 'supply PM').

Shocking ;)

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