Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sadly, as is the fate of all people who prefer the head of piss to the clarity that only sobriety can bring, I have once more let myself down. Though not without wit, nor without, and I'm the judge of this, a little bit of offensive charm.

I'm embarrassed but unapologetic: Here's the link:


To think, I should be thoroughly ashamed. My scatological intervention was neither apposite nor well-timed. I promise never, ever, ever to make a negative political comment on a politics blog ever again. I'll just repeat what's offered in the spirit of tittle tattle and gossip, seeing as that's what's expected of the punters. We're NOT to think for ourselves under any circumstances.

Fair enough and I'm just so far out of my depth, man, anyway. I might as well sow my own lips to my mouse hand. That'd kill the creative political urge - oh yeah. Stone dead. Excellent.

No. I jest. I do enjoy taking the mickey out of the politicians of this world. But it's always light hearted.


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