Saturday, 18 April 2009

The End?

What a lovely holiday I've had! And now it's nicely rounded off by the news that Guido Fawkes is about to nail the liars of Labour once and for all tomorrow. If one man will ever be credited with taking down one of the most flawed and destructive governments in our history, then it will - and must - be Guido. He's done us such a powerful service, I'd give the man peerage (expenses and all).

Is this a little premature? I think not. This latest poll in the Sunday Telegraph (the only version of that organ worth the wonga these days, the DT having finally succumbed to the poison of lefty lobbyist infiltrators) reveals what amounts to a collapse in support for Brown's tarnished gathering of cads, thickos and pocket-liners.

About time! And we have Guido to thank for opening the eyes of the general public to the horror show at the heart of this unrepresentative, incompetent government without a mandate: Brown's government of all the malcontents and misanthropists, masquerading as honest public servants.

I am sure that this is finally it for them. So many appalling revelations about the venality, spiteful venom and overall naffness of this regime are emerging so close together, you have the ridiculous spectacle of the party leadership lying directly to the public to cover for the sins of their boss, while their backbenchers scramble over each other as they try desperately to distance themselves from their own front bench, desperately praying they aren't contaminated by what has rapidly become the utterly toxic brand-Brown. The ones that haven't given up completely are now saying they're doing it for their constituents and for the "Labour Movement" (whatever that might be now). All the Tories and the rest of us who hate this disgrace of a government have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

There is one thing to be said about the ratty unravelling of this knotty fleece of a regime, the more the nincompoop criminals are tormented by the process of the truth outing (as truth sometimes does) the more entertaining it becomes. Schadenfreude? No.

It's pure catharsis for the audience (we haven't been an electorate since Brown's coup d'etat) - and after years of breathtaking hubris, it's going to be a major purge! All that was needed was the nemesis. Guido's is better than I could ever have hoped for. The only question remaining for me is this: when the dust settles, will any of them, particularly Brown, experience a little of the traditional anagnorisis?

Fat chance. And that's why they've got to go.

While the ST poll puts the Tories 17% ahead - with Labour down five on 26%, I've just learnt from a comment on that there's another, unregistered one in the Mail on Sunday that puts the Tories 19 points ahead! Sort of supports my argument really. A summer election is now very definitely worth the punt.

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