Thursday, 30 April 2009

Spectator Sport

Alex Massie of The Spectator has just blogged:
Swine Flu Fever

If they can panic in Washington DC, then, for heavens' sake, we can have some hysteria here too:

The first Britons confirmed to have caught swine flu have been discharged from hospital after recovering.
This will obviously disappoint the BBC, who've been hoping that Swine flu will make up for the great disappointment that was bird flu's failure to bump us all off. Still, this news, while obviously a setback, won't be enough to stop them from telling us that we're all going to die next week.
Are they finally catching-on, do you think?

Well, the answer is a resounding 'no!'. Massie was absolutely correct in his prediction that the BBC would drain as much drama out of this nonsense as possible. Newsnight, part of the televisual arm of Downing St. Media Services, has led with it, saying exactly what the government wants it to say.

They're trotting out bucketloads of healthscare professionals, of whom there is an apparently endless supply, to give a bit more impetus to the panic. Chief Medical Loony, Liam Donaldson, is also on hand to launch yet another full scale attack on common sense, lest there be an outbreak of that increasingly rare thought disease somewhere in the country. Heaven forbid!

++Update 2++
Now it's top topic on Question Time. Remember, folks: eight people are feeling poorly. Eight. And now honorary healthscare specialist Hillary Benn is telling people how to use tissues.
I give up. If people are that bloody stupid they deserve to get Ebola.

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