Thursday, 30 April 2009


Funny Logo (stolen)

Pretty hopeless at the comedy stuff as I am, I'll leave it to the Daily Mash to pour witty scorn over the behaviour of our monumentally awful governments.

Remember, these are the same worldwide political classes of total incompetents who prefer to let millions die from treatable diseases in the third world, (or thousands to die in filthy hospitals in Britain) so they damn well have it coming.

A taste from the Mash monstering:
As confirmed cases in Europe leapt from probably 14 to possibly 19, officials said the very small number of people infected meant it was vital governments across the world were prepared to use the word 'pandemic' as often as possible.

Martin Bishop, from Doncaster, said: "I thought it was when millions of people were infected, bodies were piled outside cemeteries and doors were daubed with a big, red 'X' to indicate a 'house of the unclean'.

"But then I looked it up and sure enough it said 'Pandemic, noun - 19 people in four different countries, each with a slight temperature and a bottle of Lucozade'. So there you go.
Most humorous.

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