Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mike Brearley Googly for Draper

Sigmund Freud (padded-up)

Great England cricket captain and now highly respected psychoanalyst (Dr) Mike Brearley has bowled a cleverly disguised googly to convicted (in the court of public opinion) liar and smearer - and self-proclaimed practising psychotherapist - Derek Draper in the Guardian.

Buried in his typically terse, technical, direct but engaging prose is a fizzing, inswinging wrong-un for hapless rabbit, Dolly:

In her description of different therapies, Wilson combines "psychodynamic counselling/psychoanalysis". But there are fundamental differences between counselling techniques, even those with a basis in psychoanalytic theory, and those used by psychoanalysts - who receive the most rigorous training of any of the psychological therapy professionals and offer a much broader, more in-depth approach.

The article fails to inform readers of the importance of checking the credentials of the therapist they approach and ensuring that they belong to a reputable professional organisation that offers appropriate safeguards. Indeed some of the individuals and organisations mentioned in your supplements do not seem to provide such safeguards.

Howzat! LBW (Liar Before Wicket), this umpire says. A couple of comments below the article are worth repeating:
Practically anyone can get a job as a therapist in the UK - the government has CBT on the brain and Derek Draper on the books...
'MerkinOnParis' reveals. And, forgetting about DD for a moment, 'Persianwar' pleads with Dr Brearley to intervene in another tragic case:
please can you help Andrew Strauss to liberate himself from any deep-seated unconscious desire to edge balls outside [the] off-stump at some point between now and July.
Amen to that. Over to you, professor.

Mike Brearley: Googly

(No.10)DW Draper: ct.(in a lie)Fawkes
b. Fawkes, Brearley, Freud and everyone else..........0

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