Monday, 24 August 2009

Good Rowson Toon

From today's Guardian. I trust Alex Massie of the Speccy, who has formed a particularly odd, and frankly rather corrupt, view of this latest scandalous stitch-up and travesty of justice, has seen it...


  1. The cartoon seems like the correct version of events to me, D. Alex Massie's view is at best naive and at worst, as you've said, corrupt.

  2. Yep, they've both shown themselves to be political midgets of the lowest order. What's next, will the yorkshire ripper get released because he has a tickly cough (And an uncle in Saudi Arabia with a massive oil field)?

  3. Well, now that the Smellygraph has reported that doctors were saying the bloke would live for more than three months just before he was released, it sort of makes a mockery of the whole thing, doesn't it?

    Spidey, I have no clue what's got in to Massie. His stuff on Kennedy and that Republican congressman he doesn't like are both completely risible. If, as Bob rightly points out, Brown et al are political midgets, then Massie, by a similar token, has resolved to become the journalistic equivalent of a effortlessly stupid gnome.


Any thoughts?