Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mandelson Lies Through His Teeth - Again

Mandelson: a compulsive liar, the plaything of plutocrats, an unelected, unofficial Prime Minister...and totally out of control

So, the release of the Libyan terrorist responsible for the Lockerbie bombing wasn't part of an oil and gas trade deal brokered by the evil Lord Mandelson...according to the evil Lord Mandelson (as I've just seen on Sky News)? So Gaddafi's son is a liar, is he? Not bloody likely. Labourist liar-in-chief, Mandelson, is behind this whole, stinking affair. And now he has the barefaced cheek to go on national television and lie to people's faces about it.

Perhaps I was too hard on the Scottish Nationalist idiot who claimed to have released the terrorist, who is (we are led to believe) dying of cancer, on compassionate grounds and then, in the same breath, claimed that the Scottish "government" was forced to take the decision because of pressure from the "UK" government. Perhaps he - sort of - well - wasn't lying. Perhaps his decision to make propaganda capital for his "nationalist" movement out of this sordid affair, and the grave insult dealt particularly to the families of the American victims, were understandable and justifiable, given Mandelson's behaviour. Well, maybe all that's true. Frankly, it's for others to decide - especially the people of Scotland. Given Labour's strong links to that country, I have my suspicions about the level of collusion between them and the nationalists over this deviant policy shift.

As for Mandelson: this twisted individual is not fit for any, let alone high, office. He's as dishonest as he is scheming as he is greedy as he is vain. Twice he has been forced to resign for brazenly lying to the public, over issues that involved some shady deal or other from which he made some kind of personal gain.

Hey, Mandy, third time's not a charm, "mate".

If the Tory party is worth its salt any more, liar and fraud Mandelson will gone again in a matter of weeks. Get on with it.

The report at
Lord Mandelson has dismissed claims that the release of Lockerbie bomber is linked to a trade deal - as the head of the FBI slams the Scottish government.

The claim was made by Seif al Islam, the son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi, in a television interview filmed as Abdelbaset al Megrahi was flown home.

"In all commercial contracts, for oil and gas with Britain, (Megrahi) was always on the negotiating table," he said.

"All British interests were linked to the release of Abdelbaset al Megrahi."

The claim was rejected by the Foreign Office, and was followed by an angry response from the Business Secretary.

"It's not only completely wrong to make such a suggestion it's also quite offensive," Lord Mandelson said.

He said he had met Colonel Gaddafi twice in the past year, and on both occasions he had raised the issue of Megrahi.

"They had the same response from me as they would have had from any other member of the Government. The issue of the prisoner's release was entirely a matter for the Scottish Justice Minister," Lord Mandelson said.

"That is how it was left, that is how it was well understood."

Meanwhile the head of the FBI Robert Mueller, who as a US Justice Department lawyer led the investigation into the 1988 bombing, said the decision to release Megrahi made a "mockery of justice".

The comments are said to have come in a letter Mr Mueller wrote to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, the man who made the decision to the release the bomber.

So that's alright, then, is it? Assumed issue-linking is not agreed issue-linking. Robert Mueller is wrong: it's not merely a mockery of justice, it's a mockery of the British people. We are being dragged into a cess pool by people who care nothing for ethics or morality, justice or liberty, decency or principle - people like Mandelson (and any number of Labourist politicians, like Millipede, for instance).

They've got to go. Urgently. Or this country really is finished. The Americans, for one, will make bloody sure of that. They have long, long memories and they will not forget this betrayal in a hurry. Nor will it have escaped their notice the curious role in all this of Russian oligarchs sympathetic to the Moscow Mussolini, Vlad Putin. Mandelson certainly has some strange bedfellows, they will think. And they will be right to do so. He does...and, by implication therefore, so do we all in Britain. Talk about being shafted.

(PS: Mike Smithson did say something about Mandelson's wriggling earlier today, btw. Worth a quick read.)

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