Monday, 3 August 2009

A Sane Voice In Swansea

Rene Kinzett: Clearly Sane
I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment from René Kinzett, leader of the Conservative opposition on Swansea City council. His correction in his cheerful message of a predictable but nonetheless very shoddy inaccuracy in my previous post was most welcome, and not a little entertaining.

Here's what he had to say:
Just a quick point of correction - the "crew" running Swansea are a bunch of directionless LibDems supported by a group of "independents" who range from former communists, former Welsh Nationalists, disgruntled former Labour Party members and the extreme right (including one councillor who delivered BNP-designed leaflets in the 2004 elections). Labour ran the Council up until 2004.

René Kinzett
Conservative Opposition Leader
Swansea Council
His blog is pretty good too...

I am rather glad he's taken the trouble to point out my glaring error. If I'm going to take an interest in local(ish) politics, I suppose I ought to take the trouble to get my facts straight. Must try harder (a bit like the Lib Dims and the Labourists, in other words).

And on the subject of the lunatic fringe, Mr Kinzett pointed-out in an excellent post some days ago that the medical profession in Swansea took a very dim view of the forced sterilisation argument put forward by certain nutters on the council:
The two Independent Councillors who made bizarre comments in favour (to varying degrees) of compulsory sterilisation have been publicly horse-whipped by the City's medical profession in the pages of today's South Wales Evening Post.

The two Councillors, who make up part of the ruling LibDem-led coalition on Swansea Council, have continued to remain silent on the issue - but, of course, we do have an email from one of the alleged offenders, in which she attempts to explain that her preferred method of social engineering involves only the use of enforced contraception, so that's all right then!

As someone said to [me] the other day, "only in Swansea!".
Indeed. Or Berlin circa 1938, perhaps.


  1. Scary people, those regional LibDem-ers. Dirty campaigns, electoral fraud and now eugenics - what next?

    o/t, great documentary on beeb4, "Happy Birthday OU - 40 Years Of The Open University".

  2. Cheers, BHS. Shall watch the docu. with interest.

    The Lord protect us from the Lib Dims!


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