Thursday, 20 August 2009

Scotland the Depraved

Whoever this Scottish "Justice Minister" might think he is, he has no idea about the concept of justice - or of compassion for that matter. Compassion, for instance, can be a double-edged sword. What might appear compassionate for one man - in this case a dying, convicted mass murderer - will be and is agony for others, in this case the American families of his victims. They have to live with the knowledge that this man will die convicted, but essentially free. So, no compassion there. And no justice, either. By all that is just in this world, in the absence of the death penalty for his heinous crime, the man should have died in a prison in the country of his conviction. There can be no equivocation about that.

Whatever the real reason for this man's release - and, as has been posited around and about, the cold, dark, malicious, amoral presence of Mandelson seems to have been a factor - some deeply disturbing questions have been thrown-up by this latest, appalling Labourist intervention. One of those questions is this: doesn't this mean that Scotland is now de facto independent? At least, that is, when it suits its arrogant nationalist schemers to present it as such. They've used the release of this terrorist as a new propaganda weapon against the "UK government", (as if it is somehow entirely separate from the Scottish administration). In other words, the mellifluous, mindless platitudes of that idiot Scottish "Minister" were also dishonest. Further, Mandelson has used it for some Machiavellian reason known only to himself (and a few Russian billionaires - and Colonel Gaddafi's son, of course), which is simply sickening. And all the while, hopeless foreign secretary Milliband, the terrorist apologist and all round stupid boy, is nowhere to be seen. As for Gordon-cuckoo-Brown...where the hell is he??

As you can see, I'm still trying process exactly what happened today. My guess? I think it will be remembered as the day the Union was finally lost. Thank Labour for that. And well, Scotland, if depraved, lying "nationalists" like Kenny MacAskill are all you have to offer the world, get ready for one tough "independence". Good luck. You're gonna need it.

Mind you, Scotland gave us Brown, too. And a plethora of other, equally useless Labourist politicians who have brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy and will leave the Union on its last legs. I'm beginning to think that was the plan all along. A deep, deeply depraved, Scottish game. Brown's been working for the nationalists all along!

Yes, I know: time for my medication ;)


  1. For once I disagree with you. Scotland has a proud tradition of compassion in these circumstances and should not sacrifice its standards to the high profile of the case or to US pressure which has been totally inappropriate.

    I would rather say “who the hell does Hillary Clinton think she is trying to dictate to the Scottish justice minister.”

  2. OK, Oll. I admit, I was being a little harsh for effect and I resent US intervention as much as you clearly do. But I resent even more the idea that true Scottish compassion, for which, as you rightly say, there is a deserved reputation, should be abused in such a way, for reasons of propaganda. That's depraved.

    Scotland: a great country being sold down the river by bad political leaders with not one shred of morality or decency. And if the conviction was unsafe (it wasn't), then there should have been a retrial or, at the very least, a judicial review. To release a convicted mass murderer because he happens to be coming to end of his natural life isn't just wrong, it's extremely unusual. It's disturbing.

    I'm afraid I stand by that view. Sorry mate.

  3. No, I wouldn't want it any other way, what a boring world it would be if we all agreed about everything.

  4. I'm positive, D, that Megrahi's release on compassionate grounds was the reason for Jack Straw's hasty U-turn over Ronnie Biggs which he could not properly explain and tried to baffle with waffle. Megrahi had, in fact, been sending his belongings home weeks ago which smells horribly of a stitch-up!

  5. I'm with Barking Spider on this one, it does smell awfully fishy. 11.5 daysa victim doesn't really seem fair now does it?

  6. Agreed, Spidey and Bob. The odour of rotting bottom feeders is powerful.


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