Thursday, 17 December 2009

Clearer Heads: Monckton Vs. "Greenpeace"

She's from Norway, so naturally she's an expert on all things icy. He (Christopher Monckton) is a logician and philosopher who knows precisely what he's talking about, given the depth of his many years of research, which has been a hell of a lot more rigorous than, say, a hoon like Monbiot's and this apparently rather friendly woman's. Sadly for her, she is comprehensively defeated in this interview, although that fact does not seem to shake her core belief system one iota, predictably. And there you have the problem in a YouTube nutshell.

Have faith, though, readers. Clearer heads, like Monckton's, might yet prevail. God help us all if they don't!

Hat tip: Plato Says


  1. Nice one. I haven't laughed so much for ages.

    Mind you, she certaily stuck with it so kudos to her for not running away half way through!

  2. I thought so to - and it was nice to see a polite activist for once. Monckton, though - wow! He's got a scalpel sharp mind and dismembers fallacies with relentless authority. I'm glad he's on the side of the realists!


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