Monday, 14 December 2009

A Real Scientist...

Many thanks to Plato Says for flagging this clip a few days ago. What a breath of fresh air. Almost makes you want to become a Kiwi (ed: or an Aussie, even). (I'm still tempted, actually.)

Anyway, over to the sane Professor:


  1. Good post, D, I've nicked one or two of Plato's myself for re-posting at my place - she's really on the ball digging up these videos!

  2. How does she do it, BS?

    It is worth crossposting though, isn't it? It's that good. He's become a bit of a hero to me, that Kiwi Prof geezer.

    Mind you, once a sheep shagger...

    I should know.

  3. Crekshun: he's an Aussie. The sheep variable remains a constant, however. Especially if you're Welsh ;)

  4. Christ, I know things can get a bit boring for you lot out west but there are limits.

  5. Very impressive, and if I could work out how to upload it on to my blog, I would, but I can't ... duh!

    Mind you, I watched it, thought "Right, that's it. Common sense at last" and then looked around on Youtube and saw something by David Attenborough, for whom I have great respect, so I watched it too.

    So he tells me the opposite, and I'm back to square one....

    What's a guy to do?

  6. No fears for you, tris - this madness is the way of things.

    Click in the middle of the video, you will be taken to YouTube. When in YouTube, find the embed code (it's on the right, naturally).

    When you find it, start your own blog.

    That's the world.

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