Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Three years - or thirteen years. You pick. It amounts to the same thing: this is the end of the worst government this country has ever had inflicted upon it. It is the moment this blog was mainly started for: to bring that moment a little bit closer. If it did (which I doubt) then at least it has served some sort of a purpose aside from channeling my anger. I suppose I'll have to turn it into a 'defend' blog now - or something.

But, my god, the most poisonous advisors finally did for him didn't they? Mandelson, Adonis, Campbell, Balls - they were all there. A sad collection of Wormtongues who finally killed the corrupt old leader off. And never was such an ignominious end more richly deserved.

But, in the end, who cares. HE'S GONE!!

The Past



  1. Well, don't stop mate.

    I just hope that its adieu and not au revoir.

    I doubt if Cameron is the future though. He's not half man enough for the job. I suspect he will be replaced soon. I'm guessing Willie Hague.

  2. Most kind, tris. I think I won't stop - I do enjoy it, actually. But there will have to be a few changes around here.

    For one thing, I'm gonna have to start being a bit less of a vague 'activist' type of thing, and a bit more honest (whatever that means).

    I'm not so sure you're right about Cameron (but clearly there are doubts). I thought Blair was hopelessly out of his depth all those years ago. And look what happened to him, lol. (Different circumstances, I know - but not that different).

    But, you know, for me, the biggest question isn't the money stuff. It's the state of the Union. I love the United Kingdom, but I also completely respect the wishes and aims of its member nations. It's a hell of a conundrum that can only be solved in one of two ways...if you see what I mean ;)

    Over to you, compadre :)

  3. Unfortunately it looks like we could be heading for an independent Scotland for the obvious reason that the Conservatives and LDs came third and fourth in Scotland respectively. It's sad but democracy may mean that it happens.

  4. Can't argue with that, Andy. It has to be referenda, then. As soon as - especially in Scotland.

  5. David C is going to need all the support he can get over the next few months/ years, so I think we all need to keep going.

    Even though, as you say, it probably makes no difference!


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