Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Marginal Info

Many thanks to aj41 (Andy), creator of a great YouTube page that's fantastic for those interested in British general election history from the year dot to the present day, for these links to an accurate, up-to-date guide to the Conservative and LibDem top 200 target marginal seats and, perhaps as importantly, planned count starting times, too.

Click on this one for the Conservative top 200:


And this one for the Lib Dem's madcap ambitions:


See if your constituency has a big blue or yellow bullseye metaphorically painted on it.

Clearly, a heck of a lot of work has gone into these fully-sourced, easy-to-read spreadsheets so, once again, thanks to Andy for contacting me with the links so I could flag them up here. Much appreciated.

I, for one, have found them pretty informative - and even fascinating at times. Who'd have thought, for instance, that Eastbourne was the Lib Dem's 3rd top target seat to take from the Tories? Well, Nick Clegg and co., good luck with that one (see Iain Dale for details)!

Bring it on!


  1. I just can't wait for it to be over with...the question is do I crack open the Pol Roger on the Balls castration moment...or do I wait for Huhne the hoon...or Brown's concession speech where he states 'that we (the electorate) are all wrong, it started in America, it's not fair, I blame Sue!'

    Decisions, decisions!

  2. You absolutely posh git. Mind you, I've seen a bottle of PR (I hear it's Nick Clegg's favourite tipple, what) for 34 squid with John Lewis online. Too late now, though.

    I'll just have to settle for some very fine wine and a Friday-morning pighead.

    However, wish I could be there to celebrate with you, UB. It'll be a great day.

    Slam dunk!

  3. I can't help it, I developed a bit of a taste for champagne after doing numerous charity gigs with my band over the last few years, last summer was the best. I walked out of one event with a case of the stuff. It's not the Cuvee Winston Churchill, mind. Just a nice '98 Brut. Still the most drinkable address in the world!


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