Thursday, 6 May 2010

Meanwhile, In Other News...

Dow crashes 1000 points in 15 minutes on Greek/EU debt crisis. Wall Street thought it was a computer malfunction. It wasn't.


Source: CNBC


  1. All the more reason to vote for a party that will cut the deficit and do it now, rather than later.

    We have less than an hour to save the wor - er - country!

  2. Just shows how fast it could happen, too. Gordon Brown doesn't get that. Ken Clarke does.

  3. Well, somebody made some decent dosh there - note how it bounced back again, having overreacted as always!

  4. Yeah, I not that great at this 'rolling news' thing. Apparently, some kind of flat-fingered trader triggered a stop-loss cascade(?), or something.

    It's the reaction to it that tells us how jittery the markets are, however, once the fake losses are paired (or so I'm told).

    It does not look joyful.


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