Thursday, 27 May 2010

Question Time: So Here We Are Again

Hey guys, unsurprising news: the BBC decide to defy with self-righteous Dimbledonian indignance the reasonable request of the government for a Labour front bencher to be on the QT panel and not, repeat not, the hideous denialist, contaminated, corrosive, bloodstained liar Alistair Campbell. So the BBC, with infantile predictability, nails its colours to the Labour mast once more, and drags the burnt out Campbell monster in anyway.

Not sure I actually need to watch the programme now. The BBC's agenda is pretty clear, with Campbell and Piers Morgan (would you believe) pathetically shoehorned onto on the panel for cheap, student-activist political reasons. Both men are basically worthless in themselves, seeking to justify their failed public existences through some sort of loudmouth hyperidentification with causes about which they have, and never have had, any comprehension. Ignore their lies and ruthless, utterly corrupt, insatiable vanity.

My absolute, incandescent fury at the ongoing hypocrisy of Labour and its nabobs, even in opposition (after they've been brought to democratic book!) and of its corrupt, lightweight mouthpiece that is the BBC, is really the only thing that's keeping this blog going these days.

You know, I think I'm finally starting to get my mojo back, after the deep - and deeply felt - disappointment of no overall majority, a hung parliament and the coalition.

Well, I'm glad about that even if noone else is likely to be :)


  1. Well, I'm glad if you're getting your mojo back.

    Just don't get so excited that you put even more widgets and gadgets on your page - visiting it already locks up my browser for half a minute!


  2. Rofl. I'll make fixing the widget surplus my top priority :)

  3. You're right. We need a licence strike.

    And we need the government to do something about teh BBC. Like shut it down.

  4. The only saving grace was that John Redwood was invited and gave a great account of himself, even if they tried to push him into talking down the coalition, accusing him of being a rebel over CGT, etc. Campbell and Morgan were a pair of odious cretins, the highlight was when they turned on each other. Oh, and Redwood managed to apologise for voting for the Iraq War quite genuinely while Campbell steadfastly refused to apologise.

    I agree with No.10's stance, why should A cabinet minister sit on a panel to have his statements spun and pooh-poohed by a proven liar when the labour party can't even bother to put someone forward from either parliamentary chamber. They shouldn't give way on this, Question Time and the BBC need them more than they need Question Time.

  5. Piers Morgan is a proven liar, too, he got the sack as editor of the Daily Mirror for lying all over the front page. ;-)

    I know what you mean about the mojo, D, I've been getting the same sort of feeling, myself - the BBC are even worse now than they were before the election.

  6. UB and Spidey: knowing I'm not alone in my fulminating fury makes this blogging thing all the more worthwhile.

    Many tanks (might solve the problem ;)


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