Thursday, 22 October 2009

"I Thought He Would Grow Out Of It"

Young gargoyle in training: who's his hero, do you reckon?

According to Telegraph comment editor Ceri Radford, citing the Mail, chief gargoyle of the BNP Nick Griffin's own wife thinks he is bonkers and had hoped that he would "grow out of" playing at "stupid politics". I thought this was jolly funny.
Never mind that David Aaronovitch column pointing out exactly howthe BBC should
hold Nick Griffin to account for his holocaust-denying, racist,homophobic views;
my favourite piece of criticism on the BNP leader this week comes from no other
than his wife.

“I worked my a*** off trying to keep us going,” Mrs Griffin has moaned, according to the
. “I’ve been … working to keep us going financially and bring up four children while he’s spent his time playing at stupid politics.” She added that she “though he would grow out of it”.
Not quite her hero, then.

I have my doubts that Griffin will be anything more than a side show on Question Time tonight, thankfully. There are many other things to talk about of far greater import than the sweaty racial fantasies of schoolboy bully who thinks Adolf Hitler was a really cool guy. The Mail says he is "dangerous and deluded". I'm not so sure. Deluded, certainly, but dangerous? Possibly, if his goonery spreads. But the one thing that the Euro elections clearly demonstrated was that pricisely that had not happened to anywhere near the degree expected.

I'm not suggesting for one moment that there should be any complacency, but that on the part, at least, of the Tories there should be no hand-wringing and no shame; they did not create this problem, Labour did. So let Labour wail and gnash their teeth and wonder where it all went wrong. Dismiss their slurs and smears and false associations between the BNP and the Tories for what it is: dishonest propaganda designed to deflect reponsibility for the emergence of a "party" which is as much a product of socialism as Labour itself. As I said in a previous post, the Tories should just ignore Labour's lies and get on with the rough, tough job of clearing up their mess, in this case a serious sociopolitical one.

Do tell me how the programme goes if you're watching it. I don't think I'll bother.


  1. I'll be tuning in. I like a good freak show. Sadly, the lib-lab eating of their own spleens will be counterproductive. Just wish the tories had picked someone wiht a bit more whallop to sit on tonight's panel. I know it's not exactly common for the leader of the opposition to appear on QT but I would have liked Cameron going on there to deal with Griffin...or even Hague, a working class white lad giving him the what for.

  2. I won't bother watching it either. I loathe QT at the best of times and I'm not at all interested in how Griffin gets on.

  3. Agreed, Gig. UB, dead right about Hague. They've missed the point there, methinks. Let me know how it goes ;)

  4. I'll bet he makes a right horlicks of it. Plus as it's pre-recorded it'll be cut to make him look bad.

  5. Jack Straw's had a handful of uppers before the start!

  6. I caved in, I'm afraid ;)

    It's pretty unedifying stuff. It will all only help the gargoyles.

    But it is good to see Straw squirm a bit, though, I suppose.

    About time.

  7. Thought Griffin bollocks it up though. Bonnie Greer was bloody annoying, Huhne trying to put the libdems as the strong party on immigration laughable, Straw faded after a strong start and Warsi did ok...certainly better than I expected.

    I don't think it would have done the BNP any favours though...he fell down so badly under scrutiny.


Any thoughts?