Monday, 11 January 2010

General Election Is On May 6th

Bryant: Indiscreet

"Creepy" Chris Bryant has inadvertently spilled the beans on the planned date for the General Election. According to tomorrow's Telegraph, Bryant gave the date away in a discussion with foreign affairs officials and academics. It will be on May 6th.

The DT reports:

Referring to recent tensions between Britain and countries including Venezuala, Mr Bryant said: “I hope that by the time of the general election on May 6, relations will have improved.”

Ministers have been ordered by No 10 not to discuss the date of the next election, to avoid helping the Conservatives with their planning.

So that's it then, five more long months of these useless twits before we get to kick them out.

One silver lining is that Chris Bryant, one of life's less lovely people, has form for having a big mouth and will probably be told off for his lapse (or, rather, for 'helping the Conservatives with their planning').

This not the first time Mr Bryant has revealed sensitive Government information ahead of time. In October, he used Twitter, the micro-blogging website, to disclose that he had been appointed to the Europe job at the Foreign Office, several hours before it was announced by Downing Street.

The Foreign Office confirmed that Mr Bryant had used the May 6 date in the briefing.

However, this Foreign Office comment was immediately contradicted by another Labour spokesman, hilariously.

A spokesman said the minister had also said that he did not actually know when Mr Brown would call the poll.
So why did Bryant say it then? Talk about shambolic.


  1. The Skidmark Kid strikes again! At least we now know for sure when the election's going to be held, D, unless, of course, Brownarse changes his mind again, dithering bastard that he is!

  2. Lordy: Is that him? What on earth is he doing....?

  3. Honestly, I don't think it does to dwell on these things overmuch =)

  4. It is he. And Spidey's right!


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