Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"The King" Cameron

Great spot from GF early this chilly morn.
Just goes to show, some vandalism's a definite improvement. In this case, an enormous one (at least it's not totally witless). As for the Tories with this poster thing, really, what the hell were they thinking?!


  1. Ctually, in a way...I think it's working. The people venting their spleen about this poster are Labour. Smithson's golden rule is holding out, the more he's in the public eye, the better the tories do. I did find it ironic that Gordon Brown would ever critise anyone about a picture they had been snapped in. He is after all, the king of the botched photo opportunity.

  2. Lol. You might well have a point there. For me (simple soul as I am) I just thought the poster was bloody stupid! The 'Elvis' thing would have actually worked better. If only CCO were fans of 'The King' - and had a sense of humor!


Any thoughts?