Friday, 3 July 2009

Brown: I Don't Make Personal Attacks

*Sigh* Where to begin? No, nutter Brown. You leave it to your hired thugs to do that. McBride, Wheelan, Draper (sort-of), Watson etc, etc, etc. You're too cowardly to do it yourself. You like to hide. Plausible deniability and all that.
“I do not make personal attacks on people. I have tried to avoid doing that during my political career. But equally I understand that the language of politics can sometimes descend into people making quite crude accusations.”
Remember, folks, this is the man who "always tells the truth," according to him (who, in the entire world, "always" tells the truth, incidentally? So, as Fraser Nelson pointed out, this was another lie).

But wait, this is the man who ousted Blair after a long and sustained assault from his spin machine on his former boss. This is the man who had an advanced smears operation, complete with a pre-purchased web domain and a place-man at the Mirror (Geordie smearist, Kevin MacGuire) just waiting for the green light. And all running from number 10, ffs! Who would give that green light, do you think? Why, Brown of course.

It never ceases to amaze me. Either he believes the population really is that stupid, in which case he has nothing but contempt for us and deserves precisely the same, or he really believes what he is saying, in which case "pathological" is the only word that can adequately describe his lying.

Hattip, Morus.


  1. What Brown said is technically correct, in the very limited sense that he does not himself utter the words of the attacks/smears that are undertaken on his orders or in his name (in this, he shares much common ground with Blair).

    A decent follow-up question might have been to ask about how Brown instructs those who are known to do the dirty work for him, and especially about the rumored return of McBride (Brown's previous answer on this subject was prime example of the technically correct but ultimately dishonest statement).

    Ah, an even better follow-up question would be to just put to Brown this whole question of lying and being dishonest by giving a limited answer that creates a false impression - ask him, to his face, if he's ever knowingly answered questions that way (he has, it's pretty much a description of his entire personality).

    One from the archives!

  2. Well said, Mr S. Although, if I was that man unlucky enough to stand face to face with Brown in order to put the question to him, I'd be more inclined to punch his lights out - and take the consequent porridge.

    I am not proud about that fact, however ;)

  3. Labour is doing an excellent job of steering Britain through these difficult times, and all you Tories ever do is criticise. Brown is an economic powerhouse and it's high time you gave him some respect. Pathetic.

  4. You sound like you think your his mother, Charles. Either that or you are faking it. I suspect it is the latter since you are fully aware that what you say is UNTRUE.

    The truth has a habit of finding people out. It's happening to Brown now. If you are not careful, it will happen to you too. So good luck in your life. Sounds to me like you're going to need it.

  5. Know what you mean Mr Den - overpowering urge to make an exception of our Spastic Messiah, should opportunity ever arise =)

    If I'm not mistaken, Mr Hardwidge is a well-practiced and damned amusing send-up artist of the order-order/PizzaZone school.

  6. Thank God for that! (And apologies to the comedian).


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