Friday, 24 July 2009

Clean And Wholesome Wins Through

Chloe Smith, the new Tory MP for Norwich North

Useless Labour and its chums at the Beeb (and Channel 4 News, as I see just now) are spinning their catastrophic defeat in Norwich North like crazy in what is clearly a prepared line of attack on the Tories' massive victory. It began with Brown's one-eyed lunacy about this somehow being a bad result for all the parties. Huh? You then had Harperson spinning herself into giddy circles saying that the expenses scandal was somehow linked to Brown's superbust - er - the global downturn, which just got a lot worse in this country. Whatever.

It actually amuses me, all this desperately dishonest, nonsensical claptrap. Why? Simply because these people are now spouting such garbled rubbish so regularly, and they are so totally unable to recognise that nobody believes a word they say any more, that they aid the Tories whenever they open their disconnected gobs. Brilliant!

Case in point: Norwich North. Here, a typically smug, smearing Labour campaign was countered (brilliantly, in my humble) by Eric Pickles' home truths and fluffy kittens approach, complete with a lambswool-soft, 27 year-old candidate called Chloe. Ignore the oh-so stale and tedious Labour straw man and ad hominem attacks, coos Pickles. Smother the people in love and sincerity and the butter drips of crumpets. And it's working. Boy, it's working. Labour give you class hatred, McBride and Hoons by the bucketload. Pickles' Tories give you Edward and Chloe: nice, clean, wholesome - and safe. It seems to be exactly what an awful lot of people are craving. That's one impressive bit of 'triangulation', or whatever they call it, by the Tory campaign managers. I'm impressed.

So, the fact is now - and it is a fact - whatever the Beeb and the Grauniad and all the other ideologically and morally bankrupt agents of Brownite darkness might wish to be the truth, and write or broadcast accordingly, has now become irrelevant. It can be ignored in the round, and Pickles is ignoring it. The Tories have stolen the march and created a new kind of campaign: clean and wholesome is the only way!

My view (and many, many others', to be fair) has been, since the era-changing signal that was the Crewe landslide, that Labour simply have absolutely no idea how to cope with this style of campaigning. And that's why I will say it again - mainly because it really feels nice to say it, but also because it's true: Labour are heading for total annihilation whenever the next GE is, and whatever happens to the economy. There is no hope for them. Fabulous. It means there might actually now be hope for the country.

That's assuming Cameron knows what to do when he wins. The hope had better not be misplaced. This is one of the things that people like Purnell, who's getting an awfully big wooing from the right media just now, is secretly hoping, I suspect (that a Cameron government fails to deliver).

But I for one choose to put my faith in Cameron. We could do a lot worse. And we have.

Whatever the future might hold, it is clear that with every fresh, deserved blow to this punch-drunk, journeyman government - and Norwich was if not an out-and-out knock-out then an eight-count at the very least - the Tories grow in confidence, which, in turn, energises their campaign and makes them appear to be a government-in-waiting. This becomes a dynamic shift as people sense the mood and follow it.

Suffice to say - and yes, this is speculation but it's rooted in empirical, historical fact - we're actually way past the comparison with the end of the Major years (he was never hated so completely, so bitterly, as Brown is, for instance. And he was elected). Labour are headed for humiliating, devastating defeat whatever happens and whatever their tame media might argue to the contrary. And the longer they wait, the deeper that humiliation will be.

I would urge readers not to bother to give anyone who might argue that any other outcome is a possibility the time of day. They are either mad or they are a Labour tribalist - which actually means they are both.


  1. My real worry is that Fondlebum manages to hold on by his fingernails until that damned Lisbon treaty is ratified as I don't think Cameron would then give us our referendum.

  2. Spidy, you are right, of course. I'd guess that particular hot potato slipped my mind in my joy about the latest hobnailed boot-kicking of Brown and his tosspot party.

    Cameron had bloody well better sort out a decent policy on the referendum. The "fait accompli" argument will not wash. We've had that for the past forty years and all it's ever led to is more and more salami cuts into national sovereignty by the EU socialist-fanatics. But it really won't wash any more - and Cameron needs to be made aware of that.

    The first decent sign he could send to the people of the UK upon securing power that he's serious about rolling back EU federalism would be kicking that treacherous idiot Ken Clarke into the Lords - or out. Agree?

  3. I've a feeling that the Czechs and Poles will hold off ratification until the matter is resolved here.

  4. Chloe was a ridiculous candidate, and is a pointless MP, the country is in meltdown and we get presented with 27 year old lobby fodder, it's beyond uninspiring it's actually contemptuous and insulting, no wonder the turnout was so low. It's PR by committee, I can just imagine Hague and Cameron thinking they were being terribly clever as they brainstormed to construct the perfect 'lambswool soft' candidate. I hope not, but this tory campaign seems to confirm that the slick but empty and totally ineffective McKinsey/PR/'control the news cycle' nexus that has dominated 'government' under the socialists will continue. Even the civil service believe govt expenditure must be reduced asap by 20%, and yet there is no debate and the politicians b*gger off for the summer. To me, candidate Chloe, the 'Cameroon Cutie', just shows that the politics of the Ancient Regime continues. Cameron/Hague just give the impression that they are in politics because they can be and it's jolly good fun. It would help if they actually produced a few policies. It's just not good enough. Art.

  5. @den

    Clarke has a lot of explaining to do, that's for sure. Let him work out his position from one of his tobacco lobby roadshows than at our expense; The Wilderness, that's where old Kenny Boy deserves to be right now.


    Don't want to agree, but, in large part, I do. How much of what Project Cameron is doing has been forced on them by Labour's utterly shameless, game-changing politiking? Most, I hope.

    Still prepared to give Project Cameron the benefit of the doubt though; hoping that a party isn't on the level, what a mess we're in.

  6. I'm with Holey for now, Art. (Great comment, btw).

    Benefit of the doubt for Cameron. But there is doubt and it nags. A lot.

  7. Hardly inspirational is it? Vote for C because he can't possibly be as bad as B. When vast swathes of hard working, tax paying, law abiding electors are turned off by the charade of Westminster, we finish up with the tragedy of Buggins turn.

  8. Yes - truly desperate, Dan. But what else can we do to get end the Brown disaster? Vote Libertarian? UKIP??

    All that will do is split the vote and help the socialists. Not good.


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