Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Wicked Labour Lies and the Tragic Truth

I don't think I was unduly harsh yesterday about the BBC and its fawning coverage of Brown's and Labour's latest wicked lies about the appalling conditions confronting our troops thanks to their determination to fight the war in Afghanistan on the cheap. And I'm prepared to give credit where it is due.

Two pieces today - from that very same BBC, no less - perfectly illustrate the yawning gap between the lies Labour have spun and the reality on the ground. Well done to Andrew Neil for almost perfectly skewering Bill Ramell over the scandelous abuse of British armed forces by this government. It doesn't really matter to Rammell, of course. He has the third smallest majority in parliament and will not be an MP next year. Why should he give a toss?

Compare this stinking spinning of a talentless, honourless career politician with the stoic dignity of the grieving mother of one of the victims of Brown's lies, cuts and lethal incompetence.

One can only assume that the current situation with our public broadcaster is that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing, and/or vice versa.

The same must be said of the worst government ever inflicted upon the people of Britain and the servicemen and women, desperately trying to obey its orders but discovering it to be as big a threat to their wellbeing as the Taleban itself.


  1. I don't think anyone could be too harsh about them, D, and you KNOW what I think of them all!

  2. Bill Ramell, what a sqirming shit-faced maggot. That 'New' Labour would treat this issue as though it were just another tractor-stat is especially sickening.

    Still, at least Gordon's Banking/PFI/Quangocrat mates are all being kept in style to which they've become accustomed.

  3. Precisely chaps. And in trying to praise the BBC I'm afraid all I could muster is sarcasm - which is still vastly more than it deserves.


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