Wednesday, 29 July 2009


A response from commenter "Rob666" on Sky this evening really sums-up the latest epic miss by panicking Brownites - and Labourists in general - who are simply desperate to find some stick - any stick - with which they might beat Cameron.
I think his comment re too many tweets makes a tw@t was brilliant! Shows that he has a personality and a sense of humour.
Boris Johnson says things like this all of the time, and we all love him for it! I really don't this will do David Cameron any harm. Quite the opposite, i think.
Once again, what they thought was a stick was in fact a squeaky rubber chicken and it's left Cameron no more than a little bit tickled. Obviously, the "Twitter twats" synechdoche was a thinly disguised and timely dig at Balls and Milliband, who are, as everybody knows, all-round twats who happen to abuse Twitter.

For what it's worth, Cameron just got a bit cooler. Which is exactly what he wanted. One-nil Cameron (again).


  1. I fully agree! And have said similar on my own blog!

  2. Yep. Politics is above all else a game, and annoyingly for the left, Dave seems to be good at all aspects of it.

    The guy on sky was right, Boris says outrageous things and people love him for it, more importantly for Cameron is he says something like that and it's not 'typical tory toff', the reaction is more 'one of us'. He connects with the public on a human level more than any british politician I've witnessed and that includes Tony Blair at the peak of his powers. You won't get an 'I'm a pretty straight kind of guy' moment out of him, he doesn't need to fake sincerity.

    Plus the fact that the public are 'pissed off' and probably thinks the present PM is 'a twit who's a bit of a twat are all in his favour. He's dominated todays news (Well, him and Michael Schumacher) and will probably get a slight bump in the polls from this. To labour's dismay, 'the proles' will love it.

  3. Labour don't do humour - they don't get it! Cameron, on the other hand, does!!

  4. Sorry, Dexter. Didn't spot your post. Would have tipped my headwear, of course, had I.

    UB: "twat" has instantly become associated with Labourists who tweat. Totally deliberate because, as you say, the proles'll love it. I do.

    Just so, Spidey (as a quick look at humourless arch lefty, Martin Bright, curiously of the Spectator - or any other ingsoc writer, for that matter - amply demonstrate routinely!).

  5. "tweat"?! Wtf? Think I was confusing that with "teat". Why? Who knows - but it's probably psychologically very serious.

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