Saturday, 11 July 2009

Clean And Wholesome

Rather more impressive was this week's missive from Dave C found this morning in yours truly's Yahoo inbox. (Better than last week's cringe-making effort at any rate - hardly a difficult achievement).

With it came this rather quaint instalment of what I think is part of a series called "Political Pickles: A Culinary Campaign Adventure". I thought it rather fun. Rather...nice.

Clean, wholesome politics is on the Tory menu, folks. How refreshing. Above all, though, Brown-Labour simply isn't mentally or culturally equipped to comprehend this type of strategy - so it'll work. (And the muddled Lib Dems just don't matter, if you're wondering why I rarely talk about them.)

The Pickles Approach will puzzle the attack dogs of the Left. They will try to pour scorn over it, to belittle and smear the Conservative candidate. But all they will do (yet again) is alienate - yet further - people who find the Pickles Approach an enormous relief from Labour's venomous politics of character assassination and class hatred.

There's one thing about this little movie I am slightly confused about, though: this weird appeal for people to "come and campaign in Norwich". Well, chubby, chuckling, Tory chairman, much as I appreciate the invitation to drive nearly 300 miles to put leaflets through letterboxes in the pouring rain in a strange city - or whatever it is you want me to do (keep your stocks of pork pies topped-up?) - I think I'll have to pass on that one. No offence.


  1. Isn't it nice to hear a campaign being run positively instead of attacking and smearing the other candidates? AND with a local candidate instead of some apparatchik parachuted in from Scotland - Labour are done for.

  2. Exactly, Mr Spider. Agree with you in every way.

    The Pickles Approach is also not only tactically very astute, but has the benefit of being civilised and honest - exactly what people want after so many disastrous years of lies, damned lies and endlessly spun (false) statistics.

    Labour, as you say, are done for. And never has a political organisation deserved it more.

  3. Not bad at all. What next, Labour fight back with a Prescott & Blears roadshow???

    Didn't Pickles make a bit of a fool of himself at one point during the expenses row though, trying to bareface it where humility was called for? Won't hold too strong a grudge under the circumstances =)


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