Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Brown's Bodylanguage Says It All

Ignore what he says - it's total, insulting, mendacious nonsense. (Update: as Fraser Nelson once again points out so well.)

All you need to know about Brown is in the body language. The man is a liar, pathologically.


  1. Gordo's theme song - to the Lee Marvin tune (can't remember what it's called)'I was born to lie & lie'

  2. I started off listening to what our rubbish PM had to say about how honest he thinks he is but as soon as he started gramacing (or is it supposed to be a smile?)I could hear was 'rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb'.

  3. Gordon is HONESTLY the sleaziest shifty-eyed politician I've ever seen. Can anybody say "referendum"?

  4. Nelson even caught out Brown's spokesman trying to pull a barefacer about Brown being interrupted ffs.

    Brown should be posted back to Scotland in a suitcase when all this is over, along with the decomposing remains of that other jockanese verbtard Michael Martin; just for good measure.

  5. It is shocking what this man has been permitted to get away with. Not any more, though. OH no.

    I like your idea for dealing with the "problem", Mr S. Sounds like a plan ;)


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