Saturday, 13 February 2010

Gordon Brown is "Sociopathic"

Big tip of the hat to the peerless Barking Spider for unearthing this extraordinary assault on Gordon Brown by, of all people, George Galloway. Now, I know this could be a big case of pots and kettles - in the sense that there is clearly a heck of a lot of history between these two old Scots Labourists, and clearly one hell of a lot of bad blood - but even so, the very fact that Galloway could feel he could frame some of the things he says about Brown in the way he does in this interview really must give one pause. For one thing, it doesn't sound especially political but very personal - and seems to come from personal knowledge.

Add to that the deluge of rumours and revelations of one kind or another about Brown's mental health and general behaviour and anyone would be justified in wondering whether there is at least some substance to them; whether, thanks to some anti-democratic stitch-up in 1994 between Blair and Brown, Britain has been left at the mercy of a leader who is completely unfit, mentally, socially and professionally, for the role. At the very least, it hardly inspires confidence. Unlilke Galloway, however, it doesn't inspire pity either, at least in me. Just bloody outrage that a man like that could have risen to the position of the two highest offices in the land, by, effectively, at least in the case of his current job, cynically exploiting what amounts to a serious constitutional loophole. "Undeserving", "dishonourable" and "incapable" are the three words which I think best describe the man, consequently; "unforgiveable" the word to describe the behaviour of the parliamentary party that put him there.

Anyway, have a listen. It really is, well, extraordinary!

I'm not entirely sure whether we can really trust the utterances of a coiffured, oily old Trot like Galloway, but what he says nevertheless adds more substance to the overall image of Brown-as-angry-depressive-and-general-weirdo, his (real?) tears in a hideously soft interview with a self-publicising old buddy notwithstanding.

This mud is coming thick and fast. An awful lot of it is sticking, too. Good.


  1. 'Like Shevchenko at Chelsea'...ouch!

  2. A stinger, UB. A true stinger. Love it.

  3. Not exactly a brown-nosing endorsement. Galloway may be many things, but he is a natural communicator, and this, if anything is a very articulate critique of Brown's inability to communicate.

  4. Talk about nailing the paradox! Truly exceptional summarising, WW. I reply in inadequate awe.


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