Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gordon's Song

Been digging through my old albums and found one called "Spooky" by Lush. I think it's from 1991 or around then. I remember I absolutely loved it at the time. Can't think why listening to it now. Mind you, I've always had a pretty varied - if not random - taste in music. And it changes more quickly than the West Wales weather.

But from this album I particularly recall this song, called 'Untogether' (listen below). It then struck me that the lyrics, which seem to represent a pretty emotionally intelligent reflection on romantic discord, could provide the very kind of honest words Gordon Brown desperately needs to have put in his gawping mouth: "I'm not offended by the things that you say/But it's such a predictable way to behave/Talk round in circles till we're blue in the face/You were right I was wrong now does that make you happy?"

Er, no. On balance. No.

Anyway, cool song.

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