Thursday, 29 April 2010

++Cameron's Good Start++

"Vote Conservative on Thursday so we can get to work on Friday."

Good that.

Clegg's was white noise and Brown is standing on his record. Big mistake.

Got a feeling this could be Cameron's night...

Cameron, as far as I'm concerned, is winning this debate hands down.

One other thing, it is unbelievable to me that Dimbleby is plugging programmes mid-debate. Who the hell does he think he is?


  1. Dimbleby really pissed me off by constantly repeating the questions. I don't remember the other presenters doing that anything like as much.

    But quite apart from that, I'm going to need to bleach my eyes... did you see that hideous smirk that Brown ended with (just after his bare faced lies about the Tories' cancer policies)...


  2. Dimbleby is there, not on merit, but on the basis that his father was good. There are so many others that would have done so much better: Sue McGregor, Eddy Mayer for two examples.

    I just can't stand to watch them, so I'm relying on you guys for what's happening.

    I knew that life was going to be hard after next week. I dread it. If we want to avoid being in the situation that Greece faces now, we MUST persuade the markets (the ones that broke us) that we can pay back the debts. The only way to do this will be savage cuts to every service. Massive pay cuts and bye bye public service pensions, even for existing employees, reductions in pensions and benefits, increase in VAT....20% 22% 25%....

    Frankly, I think there will be riots.

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to win this election. Maybe that's why Gordo is standing on his absolutely awful record.

    It seems that the governor of the BoE agrees with that.

  3. Tony, I felt the same way!

    Tris, that, friend, is a fair analysis. However, on another subject, in the Nixon and China sense only a Tory government will be able genuinely to answer the secession question, especially for the nation of Scotland.

    I think we can change arrangements so that the Welsh and the Scots can be the independent nations we wish to be - and, AND preserve the Union (which, to me, is still a worthwhile endeavour, in spite of the long, sorry history of English hegemony and exploitation). It's called a confederation - and it's worked before.

    I think that's a viable, amicable solution for what, after all, is a group of islands that we all have to share, whether we like it or not.

    As for the nation's (the UK's) economic travails - we have to fix it now, and that's why we need the Tories, hard though that might be for some to stomach.

    Best wishes, Tony and Tris.


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