Thursday, 15 April 2010

Exit Brown Stage Left

The Tories' super-fast propaganda reflexes could prove quite decisive as this GE campaign drags on. The Spectator says it's all about their cash advantage. I don't thinks that's entirely right (or fair), though.

Having fresh ideas, solid party unity and genuine support from a collegiately spirited team helps too, all three of which the man being shown the door above ran out of the moment he stole the prime minister's job off the man rightly or wrongly elected by the UK electorate to do it, and probably long, long before.

No amount of money will cure that. Just look at the size of the country's net debt liability! Brown tried. And he failed miserably, with our money.

We're all now going to have to pay for his disasters, but we will damn well make sure that he will be first. With "his" job.


  1. The Tories will always be much more quick-witted than some commie-indoctrinated Labour drudge, D, and that has nothing to do with money..... it's about free thinking and being able to come up with a witty response without the need to consult a handbook full of received Lefty wisdom to do so! ;-)

  2. Sure, agree with all that. But that bastard has single-handedly wrecked this country economically. My frustration is that he's being allowed to get away with it, in terms of blame. That mustn't happen. Perhaps the debate isn't the time to make the case against him. For me, though, I couldn't think of a better opportunity, especially after he finally was lured into admitting his incompetence recently.

    One can but hope that sometime somehow, this terrible man will finally be brought to book for his crimes.


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