Thursday, 22 April 2010

Second Debate Update

It matters not what I say here, or my impressions. The media are already in the process of spinning the living daylights out of what happened. So who 'won' is still in the hands of the opinion formers. How I loathe them.

For the record, I thought Cameron started off quite poorly in a very poor debate with even poorer questions ("Is the Pope a Catholic? And do you think he should be?"), but then, as the event wore tediously on, he came alive and finally showed some genuine passion, cornering Brown on smears (no irony there) and fisking Clegg on his pretty creepy immigration non-policy.

My view? A clear win for Cameron, over the cliff for Clegg and another trainwreck for Brown (to whom no one is now listening, including his own senior ministers).

The media view? Probably a narrow win for Cameron, an end to the Clegg surge nonsense - and a fair shocker for Brown. So that's something.

But, and this, to me, is the important thing, the momentum in this election is now with David Cameron after an assured performance, on balance, and one that will give floating voters confidence in him and in the Conservatives. That's good.

YouGov poll on Sky: Cameron 36%, Clegg 32% and Brown (amazingly) 29%

So I was right about the media thing, sort of, then

Campbell lying saying desperately now: "Brown was excellent, I don't care what your poll says".

So now we know: Brown lost by a country mile.


  1. Not having much truck with any of them, my "stuff you all" independent view was that Brown was very narrowly the best of a bad bunch and that Cameron was the worst.

  2. That's very interesting, Alwyn. My blue-tinted glasses at work again, then, possibly :) Not sure what to do about that. Or maybe it's that I just loathe Gordon Brown so much...

    Never mind. Cymru am byth, old chap!

  3. No D, your eyesight is fine. Was a clear win for Cameron. And with Brown and Clegg determined to paint Cameron as an anti-european zealot it should bring some of the Ukippers back in line.

    He didn't completely wipe the floor with them but again was the only one offering coherent, sensible policies. It's nice to see that both he and Osborne have decided to take the gloves off this week.

    But really, was there any need for close-up shots of Brown in High-def? The man's got a face like an old man's nutsac. It nearly made me regurgitate that lovely bottle of vino!

  4. Great spot on the Clegg Euro smear. That will backfire - and, dead right again, wavering Kipperists will return in some numbers thanks to it.

    Keep the vino down, old boy. Better in than out. Rest safe (reasonably) in the knowledge that we won't have to put up with that useless, ruinous, useless (again), weirdo's visage sullying our screens for much longer, Hi-def or otherwise (you rich git ;)


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