Saturday, 24 April 2010

One Minute Of Labour

The latest Tory viral attack ad that popped into my inbox a few minutes ago, connected to a pretty powerful campaign summary signed by George Osborne, is damn good. But it's damn scary too.

Anyone contemplating voting for Brown - or that Clegg person (which could amount to virtually the same thing in that it would split the vote and lead to a hung parliament, possibly with Brown still in power - and still unelected) - should examine these facts very closely. And then vote Tory. Every minute Brown-Labour remain in charge of anything is another minute of calamity for Britain. That's a powerful reality.

Btw: is that Christopher Ecclestone doing the voiceover? Didn't know he was one of the honest. If it is, good on him.


  1. That's bloody good.

    Everyone should watch it.

  2. How to spread it far and wide? That's the question.

  3. I was going to post this, D, and then they had to go and tear the arse out of it with that CO2 bollocks - idiots!

  4. Agreed, Spidey. But we can't have everything - and first port of call is ousting Brown and his criminal Labourist regime. Even the climate change scandal plays second fiddle to that priority in my 'umble.

  5. I have posted the video to the Make Labour History facebook page: I suggest people sign up to the group (via ) or post it to similar groups there or elsewhere.

    The more people that see this, the better.


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