Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"A Future Vague For All"

I nearly missed this funny Marten Morland cartoon summary of Labour's and Brown's whole campaign strategy from the Sunday Times. Never a truer word, as they say.
At least the Tories are committed to some genuine policies, which will be life-changing (if not life-saving) to thousands of people as they right Labour's wrongs.

Brown plans to "create a million skilled jobs" if the country's stupid enough to give him a mandate, or so he told us this morning. I think that comes under the "raise fuzziness" category. Or is it "build haziness"? It's so difficult to tell with Brown what he or his party really mean.

And there you have the problem in a nutshell. Because they'll say anything to try to woo voters, they end up saying nothing. And we're all left wishing they'd just keep their noiseholes shut, especially the prime movers - you know, dissembling thugs like Whelan and Balls, strangers to the truth both and entirely.

"A future vague for all". Indeed!

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