Saturday, 19 September 2009

Brown To Obama: Call Me FDR

The Loony Labour narrative on Brown just keeps rumbling on, getting increasingly bonkers as Brown's already weak grip on reality continues to loosen. But I think we've reached a new degree of separation - and a new low - with this latest piece of Ballsian spin from deep within the Bunker.

You can listen to it in the embed below, complete with tons of the usual Brownite cliches, scaremongering, double vision, grandstanding and outright lies (he's saved four million jobs worldwide, apparently. Er, no you haven't Gordo. That's what people on planet earth call a 'lie'). The only difference here is that it's all read in this creepy, disembodied voice of doom with a Scottish accent.*

(*You can hear that weird little inappropriate smile come into that growl of a voice he has in the recording. Can you tell where?)

The BBC, predictably, has reported the bonkers Balls/Brown press release on its website - probably verbatim. (That's another row, though.)

Here's a bit of it:

Gordon Brown has used a "fireside chat" podcast to warn fellow leaders against "switching off life support" as the world seeks economic recovery.

In an audio message on the Downing Street website ahead of next week's G20 meeting in the US, the prime minister urged a renewed focus on the economy.

He said: "Now is not the time to lose our focus on the economy - we must not switch off the life support.

"People are still losing their jobs, their hope. And we must not fail them."

Mr Brown's message was recorded in an audio-only broadcast - unlike the YouTube video in which he said he was dealing with the MPs' expenses scandal.

That performance was widely criticised, while then-communities secretary Hazel Blears said videos were no substitute for knocking on doors.

'Tough choices'

Number 10 is likening this message to US president Franklin Roosevelt's "fireside chat" broadcasts in the 1930s and 1940s.

You what?

This frankly desperate appeal - ostensibly to us, I guess - but in reality to the leaders of the G20, to let Brown play the messiah again just so he can save his political bacon at home will not go down too well, particularly because his abject, flagrant dishonesty about the state of the UK's public finances has been discovered, blown wide-open - and yet still goes on and on and on. This time, the Tories have got him bang to rights about his secret plans for massive income tax hikes to the tune of £15Bn quid. That's about 3p in the pound to you and me - on the basic rate.

In the end, this Ballsian economic narrative has had so many holes blown in it, not least by George Osborne, but mainly by excellent journalists and bloggers like Fraser Nelson and many others, that Brown just sounds like a fool when he keeps on repeating it regardless, rambling on about how he saved the world from ruin and wants to keep on saving it. It's incredible he imagines he can still go to Pittsburg and seriously believe he has the credibility to lecture the French or the Germans or the Canadians or the Australians or the [pick a country] on anything other than the best way to destroy their own economies. He's that bad - and they know it.

Brown is simply the all-time biggest hypocrite and pathological liar in the entire world. Odious. Just odious.

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