Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cowardly Cowardly Scotland

That Patricia Scotland woman - you know, our Attorney General: where is she? While her political career goes into a tailspin (no one elected her anyway so no sympathy from yours truly will be forthcoming), she's gone into hiding.

Ollie Cromwell has once again snuffed-out any hopes she might have had of skulking back to work tomorrow morning as if nothing had happened. His new surgical dismemberment of any possible defence she might have tried to launch, this time over her expenses fiddling, has put paid to that idea. (See Guido for highlights.)

Meanwhile, the Downing Street smear operation has gone into overdrive, making sure the UK Border police raid on the poor Tongan woman caught up in the middle of all this was splashed all over our gutter press, complete with rumours of homosexuality, infidelity and "open relationships". Shock horror. Anna Raccoon has said it all in her excellent post on this new Labour low. She comments:

My sympathies lie completely with Ms Tapui. She is a foreigner living in a foreign country. She is legally married to a solicitor, she has the legal right to live in the UK, she worked for the ultimate legal guardian of our laws; whilst ignorance of the law is no defence, she had more reason than anyone to assume that she was doing nothing wrong in applying for a job as a cleaner. The fault, under a statutory liability that she devised herself, lays entirely with Baroness Scotland who failed to scrutinise and retain copies of, the correct papers – for if there had been copies of correct papers, there would be no problem – and thus failed to give her the friendly advice she might have expected from such a quarter, that she was not entitled to work and should not continue to seek employment.

Baroness Scotland has ‘received the full support’ of 10 Downing Street. Ms Tapui’s privacy and physical integrity has been invaded in a most humiliating fashion.

The Sunday papers today contain a multitude of photographs of her smashed front door courtesy of the UK Border Agency, who proceeded to pick their way through the detritus of her personal life and papers.

‘Chief Reporters’ have been dispatched to pick through those indelible details of personal life left on the Internet by those who frequent salacious and explicit sexual chat rooms and forums.

Good, that. Really good.

It's interesting, isn't it? A pattern seems to be emerging; the bunker's smear tactics have never gone away. You can just imagine it, can't you? The sotto voce conversation, strictly off the record.

Brownite goon 1: "Have we got anything on the cleaner?"
Conspiring civil servant: "We'll know after the raid."
Brownite goon 2: "Get me Maguire. Get me Dacre!"

Nice. Although it seems the smearists might have got a little ahead of themselves with this very fishy release of Scotland's fiddled expense claims. That smacks of chaos.

Meanwhile, Scotland has disappeared. A lot of people will be very pleased to hear that.

The upshot of all this is that she's gone. Law broken. Incompetent. Trougher. Found out. Career over. End of.

--Update (sort of)--
Just spotted this little paragraph in the Mail's 'orrible coverage of this story:
Yesterday, Lady Scotland’s detached house on a leafy Chiswick street remained empty. All the curtains were drawn, although a dog could be heard barking when the doorbell was rung. Neighbours said she had not been seen in days.
Someone should break down her door to see if she's alright. Check on the dog at the very least. Don't wait for the smell...

--Update (sort of) 2--
Still no sign of her. The picture on Guido's site is funny. The last time he did that the result was carnage for Brown's inner circle. I wonder what the result will be this time.

One thing, though: it's very hard to take aim and fire if the target has disappeared. I'm telling you, someone had better check that house of hers. Curtains drawn, dogs barking - doesn't look good. Somebody, please, break down her bloody door!


  1. That arsehole, Brown should already have sacked her, D, or at the very least he should have suspended her pending investigation!

  2. Agree, totally, natch. I'm just worried she hasn't topped herself, is all!

  3. Anybody know what odds the bookies are giving her lasting the week?

  4. Mrs R has a good take on it for sure. As if smashing in the poor woman's door was even slightly called for. A bunch of real toughies and no mistake; or maybe, as the yellow stripe of cowardice dictates, not.

    Actually, that heavy-handed treatment; might that not suggest, to only the most dangerously suspicious types, of course, that Scotland is somehow more incriminated than is already evident? Hmmmm.

    It's just as well that I'm not going to tire of using the word slag anytime soon, if at all =)

    Whatever else, this is pure, essential New Labour.

  5. Go away for a few days and find out anothe rLabour minister's up to their usual tricks...not entirely surprised.

  6. Un-be-lievable. She's all smiles today. And no wonder. The (her own!!) law says (I've read it) £5k fine AND prosecution. She gets away with a bloody fine - chump change to her that she will no doubt find from her tens of thousands of fiddled expenses.

    One law for us, another for them. Four legs good and all that.

    Simply sickening.


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