Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Great Mock The Week

Secret side to Gordon Brown....?


And, of course, the public "hero" we all know and hate:


  1. That Mock the Week vid was really funny, D, and the one with Boulton was hilarious!

  2. Totally agree, BS. Vid 1 = amusing/witty, Vid 2, complete with toy-throwing and dummy-spitting = classic comedy! You can't buy that kind of material...

  3. That's the last proper interviewer who'll be allowed anywhere near Brown in the next 12 months. The only places he'll be seen is in a classroom surrounded by kids (It's ok, no more Nazi projects, they've aptly moved on to Stalin.) and on the GMTV sofa being grilled by Fiona Phillips who will have been readily placated by giving her a picture of Alan Johnson in a posing pouch.

    If he thinks Boulton is tough he should see what would happen if Paxman or Neil were given a shot at him (I reckon 'Brillo' could finally complete McDoom's breakdown. That's probably why he has never been allowed to interview him.

  4. Great comment, UB - all true.

    I suppose a live TV debate is pretty unlikely too, then. It seemed to me that in Brown's dummy-spitting interview with Bolton that he wasn't just dithering over it, he was ruling it out. Pity. His final meltdown would have been painful to watch, but worth it nonetheless.

    I am beginning to wonder where all this will end.


Any thoughts?