Wednesday, 30 September 2009

"Countries Like Europe" - Brown

Just a little slip from Brown on Today, but he has been known unwittingly to speak his mind in the past...
Global financial systems, you can’t control by national action. We can’t in Britain say you charge this salary and we’ll dictate it, when you can go to a tax haven or America and get a completely different form of remuneration. I’ve said all along that what you need are global rules…

That’s what I’ve been saying for ten years and it’s unfortunate that we’ve had to have a crisis to learn that countries like America and like Europe and the rest of the world have to co-operate.”
Aside from the bionic hindsight and barefaced dishonesty of this bit of typical, delusional Brownite spin about the banks that he encouraged to be greedy, since when was Europe a country?

I mean, makes you fink, dunnit.

Hattip: Spectator


  1. Aye, future in a Federal EU, which has been the French and German plan all along and Brown and co can relive their soviet fantasies within it. Not as in future tension. Though there'll be plenty of that if he got his way.

  2. The future's not Brown, that's for damn sure. United States of Europe (I think Churchill coined that didn't he?) - almost a dead cert now that Ireland looks like it's turning yellow and Cameron's equivocating over Lisbon. Stitch-up, frankly. Sad.


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