Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Turning Up The Heat

Con Home has hit back at Brown's (fake) U-turn on cuts already. Powerful stuff!

Hattip to Guido, BOM, et al.


  1. It's certainly powerful but I don't know if I like it, bit too Americanised for me. Part of me wants our MP's and PPC's on their soapboxes in towns and villages talking with the public. This stuff is too impersonal for me. This campaign won't be won on youtube. Unless the mother of all 'Downfall' video's comes out!

  2. Too right - on all counts. I was being a bit sarcastic, if truth be told. Clearly, I didn't quite capture that particular nuance :)

    Fact is, it's crap. Bring on the "mother of all downfall vids". Or start campaigning relentlessly. I want to see more energy from the Tories. They're relying too heavily on their free press (us) at the moment, as far as I'm concerned.

    What's quite alarming, for instance, is that the first thing Osborne has done is to make an amateurish announcement about possible cuts in defence spending, or so tomorrow's Times says (check it out). WTF? I'm beginning to suspect that this man is actually pretty stupid. I do hope I'm wrong - and that it's me who's the stupid one.

    You don't think they're actually going to miss an open goal again, do you? Tell you what, if they do I'll set bloody fire to this blog, and start flaming the hell out Osborne - and Cameron - from now until doomsday. The stakes are simply too high for incompetence and/or shallow concerns about "image" when we're pretty much faced with a Prime Minister who really is mad enough to bankrupt the country by bribing the population just on the off chance he can stay in power.

    The man is a feckin lunatic.

    Osborne and co. have got to get a grip and kick Brown hard and constantly, in the way you suggest. It's the national sport these days, after all - so they can't lose, if they actually get off their posh backsides and do it.

    Leave "policy" to the so-called government. That's what's ruined the nation in the first place, isn't it?

  3. Unfortunately pro-Tory bloggers have been doing too good a job, but the internet advantage is still pretty limited. It's the people on the streets of our towns and cities that need to be converted (and not just the ones with a Blackberry!) Politicians out and about, communicating. This will actually be to Cameron's advantage because I think he's even better than Blair at engaging with ordinary people and compared to Brown and his cabinet he is leagues ahead. Not bad for a posh old Etonian.

    PS. I think Osborne must have read that last comment. He's certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons today! How much more did he get from this 'mole' I wonder?

  4. Extraordinary. In every way.

    You've become a champion blogger, btw, UB. Wonderful stuff.


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