Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Brown's Britain: "Total Moral Collapse"

So went the damning verdict of an American mother, Susan Cohen, whose daughter was killed in the Lockerbie bombing, on PM earlier this evening. The endless duplicity of Brown and Labour is only matched by their shambolic, shameless intervention in this lowest of low points in the annals of British international relations. And Mrs Cohen precisely expresses why Brown and Labour deserve nothing but contempt for it.

"Total moral collapse" should be the words carved deep into the gravestone of Brown's bankrupt (in every sense of the term) Labour administration and political career. It will take a long, long time for Britain to recover from this latest piece of Labour-inspired, global humiliation.

Brown's defence? Nothing short of insane doublethink. Come out fighting and lie, lie and lie again. No more than one has come to expect from someone who is absolutely hell-bent on doing as much damage to Britain as he possibly can before he's finally kicked-out by what he clearly regards in his nail-chewing, fevered imagination as an ungrateful nation.

Sound implausible? Hardly. It's the only possible conclusion that I can reach after scandals of this magnitude just keep on coming, and performances like Brown's today (and Millipede's this morning, which was just as bad - if not worse).

The only silver lining for me in this whole sordid mess is that Cameron has handled it admirably - so far. At least we know what Tory policy is on releasing convicted terrorists. The same certainly can't be said for the Labour Party, if the opinion of one of their many former Home Secretaries is anything to go by.

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour and British(?) Labour are now officially split over the scandal, after the former teamed-up with the Scottish Conservatives to defeat the hapless, hopeless, ever-so-compassionate SNP over their dimwitted handling of the Megrahi affair (no deals there, of course).

So what is the Labour line on releasing terrorists when the "national interest" (Big Oil) is concerned? More to the point, what is Brown's. We still are all none the wiser.

What an unutterable, sickening, soulless, chaotic catastrophe this Labour government is. As if that needs repeating. And Brown is the worst Prime Minister of all time. Even socialist historians will find it an impossible challenge to prove otherwise, though no-doubt they will try...


  1. Luckily, he will be the deathknell for their disgusting little movement. We are just experiencing a temporary discomfort until the turd passes (an appropriate metaphor).

    I had some anonymous Labour troglodyte post a comment on my blog today becaus I had the temerity to put that picture of Brown with a hitler 'tache on my post who then went a bit barmy about the BNP being full of ex-tories. Bless...the mental breakdown is going to be difficult for that last 25% clinging on to their false socialist gods.

  2. Quite so, Bob. It's their standard smear - "Tories are fascists" or something of the sort. Iit's all they've got left. And all it serves to do is to sum them up perfectly: pitiful.

    Only 273 days to go - if we make it that far.


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