Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I've been quite happy to be a spectator of the total train wreck that has been the Lib Dem conference over the past few days.

There are many, quite old expressions to describe their - and their laughable "leader" Clegg's - shocking performance. "FUBAR" is one of them. (If you really don't know what that means, email me at for a colourful definition).

Sometimes you have to let the total morons speak for themselves...


  1. It's been quite pitiful. Here they are with the greatest opportunity they'll get in decades to overtake Labour as the de-facto party of the left and they're dropping the ball, constantly. Quite sad to watch this wretched creature lurch from disaster to disaster.

  2. "Pitiful" is precisely the right word for it. I've moved on from "disappointed" I'm afraid. They're not worth it.


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